Cowboy country

While looking at old photos from Scottsdale, AZ, I came across this one taken by Rajat. Great photo.



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For the music lovers

I came across  (via startups in india) and found it to be a great source for music lovers. Till now I have been using online radio stations like and But dhingana allows you to create your own playlists and also other features like readymade playlists of most popular or top rated songs. I think I will try it out for the next few days.

The only concern that I have is about their sourcing of the music and compliance with copyright of the music played from the site. During a recent business meeting with one of the largest Indian radio station, I was informed that each time a song is played on radio, the station pays a royalty for it. Thus I will be surprised if all these songs are available freely without violating copyrights. On the other hand if dhingana has a legitimate source of music without violating copyrights, I will be very happy and will like to spread the word.

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Crushing pills

I just read this article on The Times of India website and was completely surprised by what it says. I (and probably most others) never knew this and were ignorantly putting ours and others health at risk.

What surprises me even more is that no doctor I have ever met advised or informed about the side-effects of having crushed pills. On the contrary I think doctors advise to crush the pills, mix them with water to be fed to patients.

My father was suffering from a chronic disease last year and since he was unable to eat, we fed him using a tube that was attached to his stomach. Our practice was to crush the medicines and pump it into the tube using a syringe. It never occurred to us that crushing the pills can be harmful neither did the doctor advice us about it although they very well knew how we gave the medicines.

I think doctors should themselves be made aware about this and they should be asked to instruct the patients accordingly. Apart from that even the medicines should have warnings printed on them instructing the patients not to cruch pills.

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Restaurant for a neighbour

It pays (I mean literally) when you have your office next door to a restaurant. Not kidding, see for your self:


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Who will protect the police?

Today’s newspaper has an article about a sub-inspector being mobbed by about 100 party supporters. Why? Becausethe inspector did not succumb to political pressure while doing his duties.

Though I may not know the whole or real story, it is disheartening to read such incidents. If this can happen to a protector of law, what will happen to a normal citizen in such cases.

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Confront or Conspire?

We have 2 kinds of chairs in our office and everyone has their preference about which to use. While I was away from office today morning, someone swapped my preferred kind (chair) with his own kind. I know who did that.

Now I am contemplating whether to

  • Confront that person, talk and find out why instead of simply asking for it from me or the admin people, he preferred to swap it while I was away.
  • Or Conspire and swap the chairs tomorrow morning while he is away.

What would you have done? What do you suggest I do?

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I saw the future…

Ever got the feeling that you had already experienced what just happened? Its like you feel you have been through this before. It happens with me occasionaly, I suddenly realize that what just happened has happened before, maybe in my dreams, but I knew this was going to happen. Or at times you see a place or a particular event and you think you have seen it before. Like yesterday when my daughter came running to me, waving the new toy she got from the market……and flash…….it suddenly occurs to me that I have seen this happen, my daughter come running to me with the same toy in her hand.

I always dismiss these, since these thoughts always come after “that thing” happens and never before it actually happens. Or am I really psychic?

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